Healthy Cooking Methods

Using healthy cooking methods, you can still eat lots of the food you like, but it will be a whole lot better for you.  There are a few simple cooking methods which can drastically improve the nutritional value and healthiness of your meals …. and will drastically decrease your fat intake!

The Golden Rule of Healthy Cooking: Avoid frying!

There are lots of alternatives to frying.  Frying food adds lots of fat and calories that you really don’t need.  Using these healthy cooking methods you are adding little or no fat to your food.
Healthy Cooking: Throw it in the oven

Roasting – Use a rack in the pan so the meat is lifted above it’s own fat. This is great as the fat stays in the pan, instead of in your body! You could also try basting the meat with something other than the meat drippings, maybe try lemon juice or wine.



Healthy Steaming

Steaming – This is a simple and great way of cooking.  All ingredients retain their nutrients and no fat whatsoever is added.  You can use a fancy purpose made steamer, we like this one, or you can use a simpler pan and stack steamer.  This can simplify your life, the food tastes like it should and the clean-up is simple.


316zMZRo+1L__AA160_Baking – Pretty much all food can be baked or cooked in a casserole.  Adding a little extra liquid can stop meat from drying out, this could be whatever you want … stock, wine, BBQ sauce etc.  The secret here is to use a baking dish with a lid, this will keep all the goodness in your food and aid the cooking process.  This Pyrex dish is cheap and does the job perfectly!


wokStir-frying – You can cook almost anything in a wok!  High heat, fast cooking, awesome flavour.  Using a non-stick wok is even better as you can add a lot less oil to the cooking process.  We also like a wok with a lid, putting the lid on after the initial stir-fry can allow your food to cook in the natural steam and juices.


Make healthy cooking a part of your life and start feeling the benefits.

The Fat Burning Kitchen

DON’T FORGET …. using healthy cooking methods is only part of it.  You also need to be eating the right food.  You can get guidance from the many nutritional charts or you could try one of the many diet and recipe books available.  We love The Fat Burning Kitchen, it’s a new look at many of the foods that we assume are good for us …. and some that we assume are bad for us.

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