How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast

Losing weight is not easy.

We all want to know how to lose weight fast, but the sad truth is that there is no quick easy method.

Firstly, remember why you want to lose weight …. sure, we all want to look good, but before you look good, you need to feel good about yourself and your health.

So …. how to lose weight fast … you can do it!

If you are going to succeed you will need to:

  • change the what you eat
  • change when you eat
  • change how much you eat
  • change how you prepare your food
  • add exercise into your routine
  • follow a plan or a diet that suits you

….. and be determined! You’re worth it!

It’s often easier to follow a planned diet.  The choice of diets is baffling, and is constantly changing.  Diet fads come and go, ranging from The Israeli Army Diet of the 1980s to the 3-Apple-A-Day Plan!

These are a few that we really like:

The Fat Burning Kitchen

The Fat Burning Kitchen

Following this plan will show you how to lose weight fast. The book takes a new look at many of the foods that we assume are good for us …. and some that we assume are bad for us.

Mike Geary, the author of The Fat Burning Kitchen, is highly qualified to provide a nutritional guide. He is a certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition specialist. He is also a widely published author. He has contributed a number of articles to Muscle & Fitness Magazine and Oxygen Magazine. He has also published a number of popular books, including The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging and The Truth about Six Pack Abs. He is an expert on both diet and fitness, and his methods have been proven to be effective.

The Paleo Recipe Book

We love the Paleo Recipe Book.  Good food. Healthy cooking.  It just makes sense.

  • the main cookbook contains over 375 recipes
  • a cookbook with quick and simple Paleo recipes, handy when you are in a rush and want to prepare a quick meal
  • an 8 week Paleo meal plan that will help you with your diet
  • a cookbook with Paleo desserts for your kids
  • a guide to herbs and spices, all of which are easily available


You can read more about the science behind the Paleo Diet here, or go to the Paleo Recipe Book website.

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